Selected Writing

Fiction (Interactive)

The Writer Will Do Something
Co-written with Tom Bissell. Play as the head writer on a new video game in dire straits.

The Arboretum
An interactive story about dating, growing up, and our relationships to our past and future selves.

Fiction (Traditional)

Madeleine dreams of transcending the limits of a medium.

The Moisturizing Soap Game Jam
“Do you really think it’s possible for a video game to teach you that you can be beautiful?”


Sex: The Kotaku Review
It’s finally here. But how can Sex possibly live up to the hype?

So, You Think You Want to Do Customer Service
“There’s a customer service agent inside you waiting to talk to customers right now.”


Lindsay Lohan’s The Price of Fame
The incremental acquisition of fame and its repercussions.

Flirting with War
Kantai Collection, battleship girls, and the latent power of moé.

The King and His Objects
Why gamers become so angry at suggestions of collusion in game-related media.

Our Immiscible Future
Sometimes things grow apart, and that’s okay.

A Sea of Endless Bullets
“What’s relevant is that the level managed to make the player feel anything at all…”

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